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Beauty and health

Dreams do come true.

The guests’ wellbeing takes centre stage in our SPA: a series of interconnected rooms focusing only on their health and happiness. A spacious, warm pool and different saunas, each dedicated to a specific beneficial property; a Turkish bath; soothing chill-out rooms with a chimney; a waterbed room with relaxing background music

Our offers
Time to unwind Overall bliss. Our treatments are not set in stone, and we provide wellness day in, day out, for our guests across our different rooms. Step into a world where serenity and calm take over everything else. The benefits will follow soon after.
What we can do for you: A beautiful swimming pool for all ages (length 14 m, width 6.5 m, depth 1.5 m)
5 different saunas dedicated to specific beneficial properties, ideal to regenerate body and soul after a long day on the ski slopes or hiking
A Turkish bath
A jacuzzi for pure bliss
Two beautiful chill-out rooms with a chimney
A waterbed room
A beautiful, spacious garden overlooking the Dolomites
with chairs, deckchairs, swings, and much more
Hay baths
Tailored support by our masseurs and aestheticians
who will suggest the best cosmetics and give tips to improve your lifestyle
Natural and organic product line
• Fitness area with a glass façade boasting a scenic view
• A new, more spacious wellness area with an outdoor area includes: a scenic chill-out room with a chimney and balcony with a view of the Sella massif; an outdoor infinity pool-jacuzzi (12 m x 5 m), a scenic hut with an Alpine sauna and chill-out room on the 1st floor; a wellbeing area set in a fairy-tale landscape surrounded by meadows and the forest; a gym with large windows boasting an incredible view; two rooftop terraces with a 360° view
• Our garden, an ideal location for sunbathing at 1,800 m altitude, is currently being redesigned, and includes a natural trail, an herbal garden, and a small playground
Dive into wellbeing A large, indoor pool. A spacious pool - always at the right temperature between 26 and 30°C - 14 m long and more than 6 m wide: our pool is ideal for a swim, or just to relax on its ledge, looking out to an area boasting five different saunas and a jacuzzi as well as the outdoor infinity pool-jacuzzi.
Five ideas for a healthy you Saunas and infusions: guaranteed wellness. Everyone knows the most important aspect of a sauna is an infusion, which guarantees the body can make the most of this healthy form of perspiration. Our five saunas include different infusion rituals every day. We adapt the rituals to our guests’ needs and demands.
A steam room with view to soothe your muscles; a Dolomites-themed sauna to purify your body and boost the immune system; a steam room with stones to invigorate and relax you; a family sauna to boost circulation and detoxing; ocean water sauna to regenerate the airways. Come and visit us: guaranteed wellbeing.
Only good news The Dolomites at your fingertips.
Your holiday in the Dolomites. Your holiday in the Dolomites.
30.05. - 06.06.

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