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Absolutely stunning

8,000 square metres of pure happiness.

Our garden, also accessible by taking the lift from the SPA, is a vast, green, lush area with a stunning view of the Sella Dolomites. Beauty as far as the eye can see: what better way to enjoy your day than to relax on the original, basket-shaped wicker deckchairs or the more classic loungers and sunbathe? Whatever the season, the garden is home to a small hut with a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a chill-out room with a chimney and scenic window. Children can make the most of the playground during summer. Our hotel garden is a slice of heaven on earth set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dolomites.

Our treatments
Our treatments Picture a spacious garden at 1,800 m altitude overlooking the Dolomites. Picture a winding path leading to a wooden hut and, inside, a sauna on the ground floor, and a chill-out room with a chimney, sofas, loungers, refreshments and relaxing music on the first floor. Picture a jacuzzi right next to this, placed outside with a view of the Sella Group massif, Picture a fountain with gurgling spring water, hammock or shell-shaped loungers and chairs scattered around the garden, and an infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi with heated water. Heaven for whoever wishes for some peace and quiet. Guess what? It is all real.
Only good news The Dolomites at your fingertips.
Your holiday in the Dolomites. Your holiday in the Dolomites.
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