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Her Ayurveda training makes Elena the perfect SPA manager and leader of our dream team. We take care of guests with specific massages and treatments employing essential oils and natural products. Our knowledge allows us to use different massages: sports massages, oriental massages, soothing massages or even personalised ones. Our only goal is to make you feel good, help you find yourself again, and achieve that sense of inner quiet we all yearn for.

Massages: body and soul in harmony…

Beauty is a gift that deserves your appreciation. Enter the vital sphere of beauty with our expert beauticians and scientifically affirmed treatments that take care of your precious skin and like magic, bring sparkle to your eyes and illuminate your face with joy

Oriental Massages

Take pleasure in keeping your body in perfect form by allowing our experts to help you get your body back into its best shape. Just enjoy the experience

Beauty treatments
MARIA GALLAND body treatments
Hay therapy
“Kolfuschgerhof” fragrance wraps in the Softpack bed
A cuddle for you…
Couple treatments

We define Ayurveda as a legend: “Once upon a time there existed a kingdom of happiness and health in which all people lived in harmony with each other and with the earth.”

Wellness and pleasure Let us pamper you. We have face, pedicure, and manicure treatments for one or two people; guests can also request a hay bath, a Soft-Pack bath to feel as light as a feather, and a couples’ booth with jacuzzi. A delightful experience rounded off by refreshing beverages, organic cocktails, and a lot of pampering.
Positive energy Massages and treatments for your physical and mental wellbeing After a hike or a long day skiing there is nothing better than letting Elena and her team pamper you. Treat yourself to a massage or specific treatments to regain your physical and mental wellbeing. Choose between a relaxing or sports massage, traditional international massages, and even tailored or couples’ massages - and a lot more. Why not pick an Ayurveda or oriental massage? Whatever your choice, our wellness experts will help soothe the everyday stress away to regain your inner peace. Only high-quality, natural, prestigious cosmetics, such as Lakshmi, Maria Galland and St. Barth are used during the session. Download pdf
Beauty and health Hay baths for your body and mind. The beneficial properties of hay baths have been known for centuries. We only use hay from our mountain farmstead in Longiarù, in Val Badia, and offer you the opportunity of relaxing in a fresh and pleasantly scented hay bed. The regenerating and relaxing properties are out of this world - this package includes the bath and some tailored treatments such as peelings, compresses, and massages. Download pdf
Only good news The Dolomites at your fingertips.
Your holiday in the Dolomites. Your holiday in the Dolomites.
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