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La base de cada tratamiento en Beauty Farm y nuestro objetivo a alcanzar son el rejuvenecimiento y la energía positiva que recuperan nuestros huéspedes. Por esta razón, antes de cada sesión nuestras esteticistas cualificadas le harán un chequeo y se ocuparán de aconsejarle un tratamiento personalizado. Para obtener los mejores resultados utilizamos solo productos de las casas más famosas como Maria Galland, St. Barth, !QMS.


"El deseo de una piel más joven y sana es simplemente espontáneo"
Masque Thalasso 
€ 85,00
This mask with seaweed is pleasantly stimulating, energising and refreshing for optimal hydration.
A perfect holiday for your skin
Classic facial treatment
approx. 60 min.
€ 70,00
Deep cleansing with steam, compress, ampoule and mask

Express hydrating facial treatment
approx. 30 min.
€ 48,00

Soin Masque Modelant
€ 99,00
Treatment method with heat-activated mask which encourages the active ingredients to be absorbed. It stimulates micro-circulation and has a draining effect - giving your skin a smoother, more velvety appearance

Cocoon therapy
€ 85,00
An exclusive spa treatment which combines hightech products with a ritual manual massage. Your beauty will be given a new lease of life under the gauze and mousse cocoon

De Luxe
€ 120,00
targeted treatment with scientific active ingredients for a lifting effect. Special extracts from fruit acids and the OCPF complex (with gold, caviar, collagen and DHEA fragment) activate the process of cellular renewal. Gives skin a fresh and radiant appearance

Hydra Luxe
€ 140,00
Provides refreshing hydration and complete protection for cells while being is a rich anti-aging treatment. You can choose between an intensely toning and heat-activated program or an invigorating and refreshing program: Soin Art de Peau ”Modelant Hydra Luxe“

Soint Modelant breast
€ 70,00
Heat-activated, remineralising treatment with a very strong tensing and anti-stretch mark effect

Masque Modelant yeux (eyes)
€ 38,00
Mask with revitalizing seaweed combined with an ampoule of special retinol for the delicate eye area. Traces of stress and tiredness disappear, while puffiness and dark shadows are noticeably reduced. It can be combined with every type of facial treatment

"Es muy importante y agradable cuidar el propio cuerpo y así mantener y recuperar la forma ideal"
Masque Modelant body
€ 70,00
Extremely effective, using a heat-activated mineral mask. This creates the perfect conditions for the active ingredients to be absorbed

Body Sculptant + anti-cellulite massage
€ 120,00
3x € 320,00 instead of € 360,00
Body silhouette ”sculptant”
€ 75,00
The exclusive professional program to combat cellulite. This involves an innovative treatment in
the therapy room, purify and firm. The secret: caffeine, hibiscus extract... For a soft and elastic skin

3x € 191,00 instead of € 225,00

”HOMME” Facial for Him
€ 73,00
Mini-facial with Maria Galland products especially formulated for him. 55 minutes of well-being to detox the skin and relax the body and mind


!QMS Classic treatment
ca. 60 -90 min.
€ 110,00 - € 140,00
This sensational beauty treatment will allow you to literally ‘put on a new skin’. Cell production is stimulated, while natural highly-concentrated collagens penetrate deep skin layers from the outside. This allows the skin to bind more moisture, re-vitalising it and rendering it smoother and firmer. You will appear years younger and more vital. The success of this exclusive treatment is instantly apparent.

Relax-o-Firm treatment
ca. 60 min.
€ 99,00
A cleaning, metabolism activating relax-treatment for inbetween. Removes hornification mildly, but efficiently

Neo Tissudermie treatment
ca. 90 min.
€ 110,00
This is achieved through the activation and growth stimulation of a special collages,
for the youthful elasticity of skin is responsible

3x facial !QMS
€ 270,00

Champagne treatment
ca. 60 min.
€ 100,00
Our exclusive facial treatment is invigorating, refreshing and relaxing. A tingling sensation invigorates the senses - just like champagne!


Nuestros tratamientos faciales:
St Barth purness
€ 90,00
Treatment for the face and décolleté

St Barth freshness
€ 70,00
Treatment for the face and décolleté with a fresh papaya exfoliating mousse and clay mask with cucumber mousse

Nuestros tratamientos para el cuerpo:
St Barth softness
approx. 30 min.
€ 50,00
Relaxing peeling massage for velvety soft and smooth skin.
The fruit enzymes in fresh papaya, natural yoghurt and a special sea-sand polish complex enriched with minerals remove dead skin cells. Pure coconut oil provides lasting care for the skin while pampering it with valuable nutrients

St Barth softness
approx. 50 min.
€ 80,00
Avocado massage

St Barth elasticity
approx. 50 min.
€ 75,00
Mask and hydration for the body with clay and cucumber mousse. Intensive care for the body to improve the skin’s appearance with valuable minerals and vitamins which are present naturally in clay and fresh cucumber mousse. The result is visibly smoother and firmer skin

St Barth slimness
approx. 25 min.
€ 50,00
approx. 50 min.
€ 80,00
For rapid relief and relaxation of heavy legs, and for beautiful, slim legs. Our ivy gel helps the circulation, releases blockages and drains excess water, while strenghtening the veins and stimulating the lymphatic system. Menthol and camphor promote microcirculation, refresh and revitalise. As a finishing touch, let your legs be pampered with Caribbean essences

St Barth harmony
approx. 50 min.
€ 75,00
Enjoy a relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive care products specially tailored to your needs

St Barth sensation
€ 75,00
The pampering body mask provides the skin with an intensive moisture boost and is a pleasure for all the senses

A dive into the Caribbean sea:
St Barth
1 person
€ 38,00
2 people
€ 49,00
Enjoy a Caribbean fragrance delight which supplies the skin with an enduring source of valuable minerals and vitamins. This luxurious beauty bath will give your skin a long-lasting, velvety shimmer

We also serve you an exotic fruit skewer

• Coconut - Vanilla
• Avocado - Tiarè
• Coconutily

La Ayurveda es un poco come sumergirse en la lectura de un cuento de hadas: "Érase una vez un rey y una reina... Y terminado el tratamiento... Colorín colorado este cuento se ha acabado..."
Ayurvedic Kerala massage
approx. 80 min.
€ 110,00
This is a traditional massage based on the ancient Indian science. It has calming, relaxing and energising functions. Precious oils purify and nourish the skin and muscles.

Abhyanga - massage with precious oils
approx. 90 min.
€ 110,00
This full body massage is gentle and completely based on ”Indian“ therapy techniques. It is very
soothing, stimulates the circulation, relaxes muscle tissues and raises immune defences

Pinda Sweda
approx. 60 min.
€ 98,00
Massage with small bags of herbs from India. These melt away accumulated tension and relax
contracted muscles to create a pleasant feeling of well-being

Indian head and Foot Massage
approx. 50 min.
€ 80,00
Massage for relieving stress and tension in the joints.
It focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and feet and also involves the use of hot oils

Thai massage
Full body ca. 80 min.
€ 110,00
Partial ca. 30 min.
€ 45,00
This massage brings wellness to the whole body thanks to stretching techniques combined with
acupressure, that stimolates the skeletal and muscolar system. Working through specific energy channels (Sen Sibi), it allows an easier energy flow (Prana) and a general wellness, also thanks to the conscious breathing and to the use of the passive stretching. Everything is useful to connect body and mind

We strongly advise you to wear something comfortable like training trousers and t-shirt.


Treatments for hands and feet:
Manicure express
€ 30,00 - € 35,00
Intensive hand treatment: exfoliating treatment,
hydrating mask, manicure, hand massage
€ 55,00
Cosmetic pedicure
€ 48,00
Curative pedicure
€ 55,00 - € 65,00
Intensive foot treatment: exfoliating treatment,
hydrating mask, pedicure, foot massage
€ 80,00
Whole leg
€ 45,00
Half leg
€ 30,00
€ 10,00
Bikini line
€ 10,00 - € 20,00
Upper lip
€  5,00
Back, arms
€ 20,00 - € 30,00
Full body
€ 65,00

Additional treatments:
Eyelash dyeing
€ 10,00
Eyebrow dyeing
€ 10,00
Eyebrow correction
€ 10,00 - € 15,00
High pressure
€ 17,00
Low pressure 
€ 13,00
Cataplasmas "Kolfuschgerhof"
Mud "the mine's treasure"
€ 45,00
Mud has many beneficial properties: it releases tension, relaxes muscles, increases circulation and has a positive effect on joints too

Exfoliating body treatment with salt and oil
€ 45,00
Deep exfoliating treatment with a draining action which leaves skin smooth and soft

Thalassotherapy "the sea's riches"
€ 75,00
Detoxifying and purifying treatment with seaweed or mud, rich in mineral salts which hydrate the skin
Seaweed "a boost from the sea"
€ 45,00
A short seaside holiday for your skin. Seaweed is rich in iodine and mineral salts and has a powerful re-mineralising, detoxifying and stimulating effect. This treatment promotes the natural balance of cell turnover

Hay bath with hay from our Alpine pastures
€ 50,00
Hay baths have many properties. As well as being relaxing, they release muscle contractions, increase circulation and are particularly good for joints

Hay peeling + Hay bath
€ 80,00
For your comfort, a massage is recommended after every bath

Wild rose bath
€ 38,00
Moisturising, balancing, sebum-restoring and mood- improving. Skin looks cared for and perfumed. This treatment has a profound mental effect and harmonises the body and mind

Cream bath
€ 45,00
Ideal for extremely dry skin. Almond oil, evening primrose and urea keep skin soft and velvety

Bath of Alpine milk and honey from Val Badia
€ 45,00
Moisturizing and relaxing compress, the customer is wrapped in a very fine cotton sheet soaked in milk, honey and precious oils. Moisturizing, balancing, skin is left feeling soft

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