Hotel with swimming pool, Kneipp path and immersion tub

Hotel Kolfuschger Hof - Fam. Ebner

Via Rönn 7,
I-39030 Corvara Alta Badia
Dolomites - Italy


Tel. +39 0471 836188
Fax +39 0471 836351
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Colfosco Alta Badia
South Tyrol - Dolomites

Pure relaxation can be found in the whirlpool and swimming pool and to stimulate the blood circulation we recommend the Kneipp bath

The large swimming pool with the adiacent bar serving a large choice of drinks including fresh fruit juices, the wooden balcony overlooking the pool where parents can look a their children playing in the water, while others enjoy the healthy warmth of the nearby sauna and the nice feeling of the kneipp rondell. After all there is a comfortable jacuzzi to relax.

What else can we say than to invite you to try !

Swimming pool

Our indoor swimming pool is ideal for extensive swimming runs as well as for relaxation.

Temperature 26° to 30° C or 78,8° to 86° F
Length 14 m or 43,80 feet
Width 6,5 m or 21,32 feet
Depth 1,50 m or 4,92 feet

Hours from 7am until 8 pm
Towels are provided

Kneipp path

It is perfect for those who suffer from heavy feeling legs and bad blood circulation; altering hot and cold water stimulates blood circulation providing a pleasant sensation of lightness.


The most pleasant way to relax: hydromassage.

Immersion tub

Intense sensations, beneficial for the immunity system: the immersion tub.
First snow
06/12/2017 - 23/12/2017

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17/03/2018 - 07/04/2018

Accommodation: 7 days accommodation at the priceof 6Skipass: 6 days at the price of 5...
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