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Hotel Kolfuschger Hof - Fam. Ebner

Via Rönn 7,
I-39030 Corvara Alta Badia
Dolomites - Italy


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Colfosco Alta Badia
South Tyrol - Dolomites

Enjoy the feel-good packages of the Hotel Kolfuschgerhof and spend a relaxed wellness vacation

Touch of the stars
€ 139,00
To feel even more beautiful
• 1 Masque Modellant for the face, for a smooth
and refined skin
• 1 manicure or 1 pedicure
• 1 tanning session: solarium

PREMAMAN... For mothers-to-be
€ 198,00
• 1 face and scalp massage
• 1 facial treatment
• 1 pedicure and 1 manicure

Sweet Magic
€ 157,00
• 1 St Barth exfoliating treatment
• 1 avocado oil massage
• 1 cream bath
Men's Health
€ 160,00
Recharge your batteries after a day on your feet
• 1 herb bath: to relax your muscles
• 1 sport massage
• 1 men’s facial 

RÊVES D’AMAZONIE- Maria galland
€ 165,00
Let yourself go, breathe deeply to experience a world of relaxation in an earthly paradise where
nature still reigns supreme: Amazonia Relaxing rituals evoke the humidity of the rainforest… An exfoliating body treatment with rich oils and finely ground macadamia nuts, then a relaxing bath
with tropical perfumes, followed by a deeply relaxing massage, with gentle pressure and beneficial stroking with special natural woods

A caribbean dream
€ 147,00
with exclusive St Barth products
• 1 exfoliating body treatment with papaya mousse
and coconut oil
• 1 cucumber body mask
• 1 bath fragranced with exotic oils

Couple packages
Love cocktail
 surcharge of Euro 58,00 for the second person
€ 140,00
...To enjoy a world of infinite relaxation as a couple
• salt and oil exfoliating treatment
• exotic bath with the aromas of the Caribbean.
We will serve you a ”love cocktail”
• relaxing massage with almond oil
• 1 tanning session: solarium

approx. 30 min.
€ 48,00
Savour a blissful bath in our relaxing tub, surrounded by a thousand colours, romantic music and spicy canapés...

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